Mitchell Clark

Owner, Buckwheat Farms | CSE Expert
Mitchell Clark is an advocate and practitioner of sustainable permaculture and agorism. He is the owner of Buckwheat Farms which specializes in microgreens, herbs, and plants for the local markets and a Community Supported Agriculture model. Mitchell has been implementing sustainable practices for the past 10 years, beginning on a ¾ acre lot and currently helping to manage a 10+ acre farm. He is also the founder and administrator of Middle Georgia Agora, a Community Exchange System (CES) offering an alternative to the current means of exchange.

Mitchell conducts seminars and provides individual consultation for those wishing to implement sustainable practices. He also hosts a monthly meeting to promote membership and usage of the Middle Georgia Agora CES.

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday 13th May - Café Lounge

Community Exchange Systems