Reed Coverdale

Host, Naturalist Capitalist

Reed Coverdale is a heavy haul truck driver, equipment operator, construction worker, avid outdoorsman, a free stater libertarian, and host of the Naturalist Capitalist podcast.

Naturalist Capitalist makes the case that the worst problems in the world are created by morons and manipulators claiming to try fix smaller problems with big government. Whether it's war in the Middle East to "protect democracy,"  pumping the economy full of trillions of dollars to "avoid recession," or locking us in our houses to "stop the spread," every "solution" is a disaster.

We need a more hands off approach, and to search for the truth, which lies somewhere between the official narrative and the intentional counter narrative we are presented with.

Whether in the marketplace or in the forest, nature rules.

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Saturday 13th May - Ballroom